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Re-installing Assets From Marketplace

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I wanted to see what the MSFS default, so I went to content manager and deleted the Orbx file. After viewing the default, I tried to reinstall from the marketplace and it sends me to the content manager, but there is no option to reinstall. I also have the files on Orbx Central and installed them that way, but I still see the default content.

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I have no experience of how two copies of the same product might interact,

could it be that they could cancel each other out, or even if you disable one,

you disable both.

I'm just guessing of course.


I can tell you that Orbx Central installs its products to either the Community folder,

or if an Orbx Central Library is chosen as the installation option, the files are

placed into that and a shortcut added to the Community folder.

As far as Orbx Central is concerned, you could perhaps check that the shortcut is there

and in any event, run Sync Simulator.

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I'm currently doing a reset on the simulator, so it's deleted everything from community and resetting - not a full uninstall, but it almost looks like it because it's re-downloading/installing the simulator. I won't need to go back to sim default on those assets again and I'll keep them uninstalled on from Orbx Central, hoping the Content Manager brings the two London addons back (so they don't interfere with each other). All other addons I have are through Central, so there shouldn't be an issue. I'll keep you posted. Mid-way through the 100+GB. :)


Talking about libraries. If I were to choose that method, I can then create different libraries for areas that I'm flying and only have those load rather than everything in Community?

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