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Buying MSFS Orbx Scenery

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Just installed MSFS (game pass version) and keen to try some Orbx scenery - but have a few questions:


1)If I purchase the add on's in MSFS store - obviously I lose my ownership discount by where is the add on being installed to - is it within MSFS? and if purchased via Orbx Central platform where will it install the scenery to?  

2)Its possible I may be purchasing the full deluxe version of MSFS in the future (rather than using the game pass version) is this going to confuse Orbx Central? or can I install a single copy of Orbx London city across both my versions of MSFS or will I need to delete the original install then reinstall it again on my new install?

3)Have already updated my FTX Central v3 to the new Orbx Central - do I need to direct Orbx Central it to my MSFS install location or should it find it automatically?also it asked if I wanted to uninstall my old FTX Central v3 (declined the invitation) - but if I decide to delete the old FTX version will this also delete all my scenery installs across other platforms such as P3d and aerofly or will it just uninstall the FTX program?  - if uninstall just removes the old FTX whats the best way to delete it now as I have now declined the original delete prompt?


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1. as far as I can tell, the Community addons are being installed into the "Community" folder

in the core files folder of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Orbx Central puts them there and also allows them to be installed into an Orbx Central Library instead.


2. If you use Orbx central to install the Orbx addons into an Orbx Central Library, I see no reason why

 two versions could not share the same files, in exactly the same way as several parallel installations

of X Plane 11 do now. I have no experience of the Microsoft Store and cannot therefore comment.


3. Orbx Central will automatically recognise Microsoft Flight Simulator, once you have installed it and run it once.

Attempting to use FTX Central at the same time will have no effect on Microsoft Flight Simulator, or the Orbx

products for it, as they will all be invisible to it.

The initial problems with Orbx Central have long ago been resolved and it is perfectly safe to allow it to delete

FTX Central. I would also suggest that it would be a good idea.

Uninstalling FTX Central just uninstalls FTX Central, it does not uninstall anything else.

All of the advice in this paragraph is subject to the assumption that you have not created your own bespoke

installation of your Orbx products.


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Nick, I am sure he is trying to buy Orbx scenery via the "Market Place" in MSFS 2020.  YES, I tried it and it does exactly how he is saying.  :)  There is no instructions on how to buy Orbx scenery in the game and of course they do not point those trying to buy to Orbx CENTRAL.  One big Duhhhhh!


The other scenery vendors are sent to FSDT Live Update or Contrail to buy and update.  Other VENDORS get to buy via the MARKET PLACE.  


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