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Central fails to install TE US Florida for XP

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Purchased TE US Florida for XP yesterday, and have spent my entire weekend trying to install the scenery but to no avail. When nearing the end of the download, the central seems to stop working, it extracts a huge number of files and then stops. Quitting it and then restarting just makes the central go to "Prepare installation" where it slows to a halt when scanning reaches over 90,000 files done.


This scenery cannot be downloaded manually, this is unwise since you then have to download the 43 GB of data in a perpetual manner. It's quite obvious that the central software has some major issues or weaknesses which leads to a failure of installation of this scenery. It can neither install it or repair it. When it stops, it has installed some 155 GB worth of data into the custom scenery-folder of XP.


My problem is very similar to this post:

I hope Orbx comes up with a solution.


Trans. ID: 5f252f1e9956d


Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  X-Plane 11



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I have a i7-6700K that is set to 4.0 GHz from the factory, and BIOS allows it to throttle to 4.2 GHz. When installing Orbx TE products, it hardly utilizes the power available. When I generate my own Ortho, I use it much harder with no problems.

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