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Milviz - King Air 350 - Missing XMLTool


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I have purchased the Milviz King Air 350 via the Orbx Central. After installation the plan is not working as it should, and I have reviewed what could be the issue bia the Milviz support forum. I hav also posted the issue to them via their forum. 

1. Milviz has reccomended me to bring the issue of the missing  XMLTool  ( part of the installation file) to Orbx, as the believe the download file from Orbx central is corrupt, amd that OTBX should check the out this.

2. I have down-loaded a new installler file directly from Milviz forum ( 1 Gb) that is newer than the Orbx Central download  Version : MV_KA350i_v1.1.34_20200724. However i need the registration code for my purchase at Orbx to install this. Could not fing any code or key in my purchace dokumentation recieved by e-mail. So i am also stucked here.

Please review and revert with a way forward

Best regards Jan E. Stene ENZV/ Norway







Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  P3D v4.5


Issue:  Milviz King Air 350  XMLTool


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