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Several years of trouble free use on this computer.   Now running Windows 10,   A few days ago had a large Steam update.

FSX, Train Sim, and all Orbx content had apparently been wiped.  FSX and Train Sim re-installed.  Working.  A full install of my extensive Orbx collection

also re-installed - many hours.  Start FSX in Steam - Chase Plane starts, FSX home OK, select an Orbx airfield and a very brief warning appears bottom

right of screen saying something like 'Orbx has detected a few problems - restart to clear'.  On restart FSX, TS and all Orbx content again wiped.

Four attempts in differnet ways produce the same result.  Very many hours lost.   Any ideas?

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we don't have anything that produces messages like the one you see.

As far as I am aware, nor does Steam.

We don't have any software that wipes files from anyone's computer.

Do you think that you could have a virus?

If not, can you check and see if the files you installed are still there, in

case the problem is only one of configuration please?

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Hi Nick,

Many thanks for rapid response.  Am running a full virus scan (a repeat) and now installing FSX Steam yet again.  Will check it opens.

I will then add BASE pack, Vector, open LC Europe, England, and,say, Welshpool checking FSX at each stage.   This will obviously take me through into tomorrow.

Will report when done.  If the problem persists what files would you like to inspect - with regard to the 7.95MB limit?


Regards,  John P

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there is no need to attach any files, just for you to make sure that

the files themselves are there.

It is most unusual for files to be deleted and much less so for the

configuration files to be deleted.

In other words, the files could still be there but the simulator is

no longer being told that they are.

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Noted.  Will check but I'm fairly sure some, or all files not present.  After loadind FSX tried to run and same warning and although quick I noted 'VFX Central I found a few things restart .....'

VFX Central ex OLld Prop is still found in various folders.  Delete?


John P

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