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[SUGGESTION] seperate announcement email lists per platform (P3D, X-Plane etc.)

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Please build a different mailing list for each flight simulator platform and a "general news" one for announcements that are of general interest. I don't want to receive emails from the platforms that I don't use and you are starting to support a lot of them, (and you will add a new one for MSFS2020).


1) It makes for unnecessary emails to process, and,

2) worst yet, I go from :lol: "OH COOL NEW AIRPORT!" to  :( "Meh, not on my platform..."

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It does not have to tell automatically. You just offer a list subscription management area where we can select/deselect different lists to subscribe to. All mailing list managers support that.


So for example you could have the lists:


  • Announcements and News
  • X-plane releases
  • P3D releases
  • etc...

And you ask newly registered users which lists they want to subscribe to.

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add me also to this feature request. it's a very useful feature. as it is we have tons of mails flowing in (from many providers)
and we don't want to push members just to turn off mails from Orbx altogether due to to much mail (in audition to other service providers mail).
so by allowing the user to fine tune what type of mail he will receive, reduces the chances he will shutoff all Orbx mail altogether (like i doing currently), which would be better for marketing and sales.

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