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c.4 backups useless

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Bought P3Dv5 and decided to change hdd drivers and install it on a SSD. So, had to move P3Dv4 that I want to keep and do a complete reinstall.
When installing both versions, same problem...own a lot of Orbx scenery. And keep some back-up. When installing using Central, some of my back-ups won´t work. No "via manual download" option in Central or Orbx. Others are unable to download and save with that .c4 file extension to use later on if needed 
 Although I have a 200 mps connection this is time consuming and very boring. Why can´t we keep back-ups of everything as before? And why some I keep will not be allowed to install via Central?




Operating system:  





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1 hour ago, Beaufighter said:

some of my back-ups won´t work.

Hello Beaufighter,

if thode backups were created with FTX Central, they will not work with Orbx Central, they are different formats and are wasting space now.

You will need to download again and create fresh backups with Orbx Central.

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