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synch error

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I cannot synchronise my simulator.

I get the following error message "an error occured while trying to synchronise your simulator".


I also cannot install any products, including Orbx libraries, MVAMS and SimObject Display engine.

I get the following error message "a communication error occurred when trying to perform this action".


I am running windows 10 home edition. I have AVG home security, FSX, Xplane 10 and Xplane 11.


Looking forward to using the software and I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for your reply.


Yes I tried to install all of the above. Some would not not install.


It said "this update is not applicable to my computer" for the following update:

  • Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows 


I couldn't install this update either:

  • Windows Update KB2533623


it says


"windows update standalone installer

Installer encountered an error: 0x80096002


The certificate for the signer of the message is invalid or not found"



I did install the other updates but I still have the same problems.


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In which program and folder would I find this file ?


Start P3D ? as in Prepar3D ? I don't have this program.


I am trying to use Orbx for FSX.


I managed to find scenery.cfg file in the FSX folder. is this the one ? I renamed it to "renamed.cfg". 


It still does not work

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Hi, it still didn't work.


I am using Windows 10.


Sometimes I get the following message on my screen:




Orbx Central worker failed to launch. Please check your system meets the minimum requirements.


Windows: Windows 7SP1+, Windows 10 or above


Other operating systems please check compatibility for .NET Core on Microsoft website




I have Windows 10 so I don't understand why sometimes I get the above message.


This message only occurs sometimes, otherwise the usual error message I get is still the "communication error".



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I appreciate your help and patience, thanks.


yes Orbx Central does work


However a message just came up now as I tried to run it from AVG antivirus that says "threat blocked, ...OrbxCentralWorker.exe is infected with IDP.Generic"



Screenshot (718).png

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It seems that some anti virus software, evidently including yours, has recently

had a virus definition update that is now identifying OrbxCentralWorker.exe as

a threat.

It was not a threat before and it is not a threat now, so you should be able to either

tell your anti virus software that it should be left alone or create an exclusion, so that

the software no longer looks at it.


Here is a link to another "false positive" report for perfectly legitimate software.

You can see that AVG's reply is much the same as mine.


Over the years, I have come to find that additional anti virus software can cause more

problems than a virus, this is of course just my opinion and I am not criticising anyone's

desire to have extra anti virus software.

Windows Defender and before that Microsoft Security Essentials have kept me

safe for years. Careful use of the PC is the most effective, clicking on dubious links, especially

in unsolicited e mails is the most common way in for viruses and malware.

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