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Install from backup files


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I have done a new install of FSX on Windows 10.


I want to install my purchased Orbx products, which are backed up on a memory stick.  These files were backed up from a previous install into FSX in Windows 7.


I installed the latest version of Orbx Central and tried installing my products, which did install, but downloaded everything over the net again.


Using Orbx Central I cannot find any way to access a memory stick to install my products.


So far I have installed ,Global Base Pack, Global Vector and Orbx Libraries which have used a lot of my data limits.  It also seems that once a download is strated it is not possible to terminate it.


I have searched the forum and been unable to find instructions on how to install from previous backup files.    I am probably not using the proper search paramaters, but have tried everything I can think of.


Could someone please point me to instructions for installing Orbx backed up products using Orbx Central?


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Thanks for the prompt reply.

I would suggest your installer needs some work when it penalizes customers that used older versions to install your products.:(

Guess I will have to spread downloads over a couple of months.:angry:

I assume then that I may as well delete all the old backup files I have as they will be of no use.

Thanks again for the reply.




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