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I'm trying to download the TrueEarth US Washington HD scenario that I bought from you and for that I use Orbx Central. When I give the "Install" button it gives me 3 options: Install in the folder of X-Plane 11 (insufficienity space) or Install in "Main Library" says that I do not have it or install in "My Library" says that there is not enough space. The thing is, I have the x-plane 11 on a disk.
ssd and the folder "CustomScenery" on another disk, linked to the simulator, and on this disk I do have enough space but I do not know how to install the steenerium since Orbx Central does not give me that option. Request help



Spanish trans: Estoy intentando descargar el escenario TrueEarth US Washington HD que compré a uds. y para ello utilizo Orbx Central. Cuando le doy al boitón "Instalar" me da 3 opciones: Instalar en la carpeta de X-Plane 11 (insuficient espacio) o Instalar en "Main Library" dice que no la tengo o bien instalar en "Mi Biblioteca" dice que no hay espacio suficiente. El asunto es que tengo el x-plane 11 en un disco 
ssd y la carpeta "CustomScenery" en otro disco, enlazada con el simulador,  y en este disco si que tengo espacio bastante pero no sé como instalar el escenerio ya que Orbx Central no me da esa opción. Solicito ayuda 



Operating system:  








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Hi, welcome to the forums


You will need to go to settings/Libraries and create a new Library in a location of your choosing, this is required for the installation of ObjectFlow, then it will be installed and use 7mb of space in that new folder, and everything will work properly. You do not need to use this folder for anything else, Orbx Central will then give you the choice to install your products to that folder or to the root simulator folder.




Orbx products are downloaded and extracted to your C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Temp folder and sometimes need up to 3x their install size before they get installed to the simulator location, then after the install is complete they are removed from your C:\ drive. You can move the Temp folder to a drive with more space using the option in Orbx Central settings\downloader.


Temp Location.PNG


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