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Manual Download of ZIPs (AI Traffic)


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I wanted to download the freeware AI Packs manualy from the website but the URLs are all not working?


AI Traffic NA: http://push.cdn.orbxdirect.com/221/_fulFTXNAGAAITrafficP3D120.zip

AI Traffic AU v4: http://push.cdn.orbxdirect.com/198/_fula0265711-305f-4701-8324-822ee4210cd8.zip

AI Traffic AU v5: https://orbxdirect.com/product/undefined


are there new URLs or is there no more way of downloading the files via the webbrowser?

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If manual downloads are no longer available it leaves me in a bind. I have very, very slow download speed (GB South anywhere between 15-30 hours) via Orbx Central but I can go to my son's house and download the program in 30 minutes or so.


What are my options to download new programs or updates?


Thanks, Don



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Since my son lives 2500 miles away I really don't think dragging my PC across the country is an option. I am able to take a small hard drive and use it to download any updates and files I've already purchased which is exactly what I was planning to do next month. However with this "policy change" it seems that I'm just out of luck.


Maybe Orbx should have asked some people who use manual download why they did it that way instead of just arbitrarily just making downloads nearly impossible for us. With all the updates pending and products I've paid for but not download I'm looking a over 40 hours of download time.


If you think I'm upset about this you're absolutely correct. I'd like to to thank you for this "improvement.

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