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Jandakot Update


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Jandakot has undergone significant changes since the ORB X jandakot package was released.

eg: Taxiways are now quite different in that they have been re named. ie: Bravo 1,2,3,45,6

There is a taxiway along side Runway 12 / 30 K    With K1, K2, K3, K4 entry points to 12 /30

ATIS is now 128.65

Is there going to be an update to reflect these changes


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Hi! Nick,

I am a real world pilot and frequent Jandakot a lot. The Orbx Jandakot package is very good (and useful) for

currency. The latest updates regarding Taxiways has significantly changed the way pilots negoiate entry to and from the runways

It would be great if Orbx could have a look at another update (They have done a couple) It would also be good to hear Australian

voices in their Air Traffic packages along with frequency updates there also. A big ask perhaps, but we can hope!

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