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Central not seeing scenery in library

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Operating system:  Win 10

Simulator:  P3D V4.5 and 5


Issue:  Orbx Central had an issue on a update to ChasePlane.  McAfee hates the .exe file and constantly deletes it.  Every time I want to fly I have to verify files so it can download the missing file.  The install got stuck and left a update screen stuck on the screen that I could not close.  Was not able to click on it and it was superimposed over any app or program that was loaded.  Only way to get rid of it was computer restart.  After a fresh boot Orbx Central was still linked to my library but could not see the files within it.  According to My Products I only had ChasePlane installed, yet my librabies for V4 have 133GB in them, 80GB for V5.  I am not able to verify files as it thinks they are not installed.  When I go to install them Central creates a new P3DV4.5 or V5 library within the original library.  I have uninstalled and installed Central v4.1.11 several times and it's always the same.  When I install all my settings in Central are still there so an uninstall is not removing or replacing the corrupt file/s.  


Not sure where to go next and I'm not looking forward to downloading over 200GB of scenery again.


I have tried the Sync Sim option in help and this finds P3dV5 but on V4.5 I get a sync error.  When I try to change the library location and I get a sync error.  


Any pointers for me?




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Nick, Spot on!  The .cfg file was completely blank.  Completed actions as instructed and Central picked up the sim again.  Through trial and error I found out why Central was not locating my libraries.  I was trying to direct it to the specific P3DV4 file location.  This would produce an error saying the directory is not empty.  I had to direct it to the parent folder that has both V4 and V5 libraries in it.  Now I just need to go through the dummy install and verify process.


Thanks for the help.

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