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Getting an 'Error- Library Path Does not exist' from several files

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Hi all:

I am in  the process of reinstalling all of my P3Dv4 files. I did a fresh install and have only installed Orbx Central so far. I am getting that error message above on several sceneries when I try to download and install. I've tried re-launching the client and I am running it in Admin mode as well. Most are working but so far about 8 out of 20 are getting that error. Is there a fix for this that I need to do? Thanks!



Operating system:  Win 10 64-bit

Simulator:  P3Dv4 Latest Version 

Screenshot:  Attached

Issue:  Receiving error message 'Error-Library path does not exist' on several regions. 


lib error.JPG


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You will need to go to settings/Libraries and create a new Library in a location of your choosing, this is required for the installation of ObjectFlow  for Orbx Central, then it will be installed and use 7mb of space in that new folder, and everything will work properly. You do not need to use this folder for anything else, Orbx Central will then give you the choice to install your products to that folder or to the root simulator folder.

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Ok, I created a folder called 'library' and set that up. When I selected the scenery to install if wouldnt go into my Flight sim library and I had to chose the one I created. Is that correct? Thats the only way it would download and install.

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