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11 New Updates With Latest Orbx Central

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this is not a problem, just a question. I opened OC this morning as I do from time to time just to check what is going on. That is when I discovered not only a new update to the software, but some 10 other updates to various airports and more. What is this all about, and why the sudden updates. I do appreciate all the work Orbx does to improve products, so this is not a complaint, just a question. 

BTW, is it possible for Ed or someone else in charge to post whenever OC or a component is updated so that it does not come as a sudden surprise? Thanks.









Operating system:  





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  • Doug Sawatzky changed the title to 11 New Updates With Latest Orbx Central

Hi Sherm,


We're constantly updating our existing products for various reasons, so I won't able to describe the reasons behind them without knowing the products you're talking about. Many of the recent updates are adding P3Dv5 compatibility, so this is likely to be the reason behind many of them.


We're looking at adding change-logs for product updates within Central in the future ;) 

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