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Orbx Communication error

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Good day


Lately I have been receiving error messages when trying to download some of my Orbx products through Central. I keep on getting "A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action" and also a " Orbx Central Worker failed to launch. Please check your system meets the minimum requirements" message. I have checked the requirements, uninstalled and installed again the Visual C++ files and also did the same with Orbx Central and still having the same issue.


Any advice please?

central log.txt

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Hi @Jaco le Roux,


Orbx Central can't find its worker file, which is why it can't communicate with it.


Can you please try re-installing Orbx Central? You can download it again from https://Orbx.to/central.


It may also be your anti-virus software quarantining a file called OrbxCentralWorker.exe (in particular, we've seen a few cases of Avast doing this).

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