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UT & Vector Compromise


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I could use some help in striking a functional compromise with my UT/USA & UT/Europe and my Vector. I need UT in order to show proper bridges and flatten roads, and I need Vector to enhance the quality of FSX. However if I only use Vector then there are missing scenery objects in some cases and or trees on runways and buildings in rivers around airports. If I only use UT the scenery lacks clarity on grass areas and also object issues. I don't know if this makes sense to anyone but me but if it does relate to other folks with similar issues I would appreciate hearing from you. I have attached from my configuration tool what is and isn't checked, any advice here would be greatly appreciated.




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the advice given in the Vector User Guide is not ambiguous at all.



ULTIMATE TERRAIN X (UTX)FTX Global VECTOR directly competes with UTX, since we replace vector data contained UTX. You have a lot of configuration options available using the UTX configuration tool and we recommend you take time to explore what works best when FTXG and Vector are combined. More than likely most of the features of UTX will clash with Vector. If you are wanting an interim landclass solution until openLC arrives, then it is entirely possible to disable all UTX features except its landclass layers.


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