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Vector Install stuck

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I just rebuilt my rig and am re-installing my sims.  Trying to get scenery into P3Dv3.  Started the install of Vector through Orbx Central, and Windows10 had a BSOD during the install.  It is now stuck, and when I try to cancel the install it tells me the job can't be cancelled.  How can I reset it and start the install of Vector over again?  In fact, Orbx Central won't allow me to do anything at this point, because anything else I try to install, in either v3 or v4, gets put into the Queue behind the stuck Vector install.

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"The download queue job cache that Orbx Central will use is found at %temp%/Orbx /job-cache.json. To forcefully clear the download queue upon restart:


Delete the %temp%/Orbx /job-cache.json file.

Completely restart Orbx Central.


Be aware that if you have auto-updates enabled, these will trigger shortly after launching Orbx Central. You may want to disable this in the settings before performing the above."

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