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Terraflora v2

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Hi welcome to the forums


Please go to settings\help and run the sync simulator function.

If that does not work, please go to settings\help\open log and post a copy of the central.log.

Please note: Do not open the file and copy and paste the contents, just attach the file.


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when i sync sim error says something went wrong so ive sent central log . I must be honest ive not messed about with scenery much, just installed and it normally just works from Orbx  when I look in my library outside of the main sim there is on two folders object flow and terraflora 2 which is empty .when I upgraded to Orbx central I didn't migrate any the folders because did not have any problems  don't know if this matters so any help would be welcome  thanks in advance  stay safe

central.log 1.txt

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