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:rolleyes: Dear Sir

I have just installed Orbx Buildings. It has effected all the buildings on an airfiels i use and hase maid FSx crash over Australia  And USA. Itried to remove this program but could not locate in the FSxX scenery file to removethis product. This the first time this has happened with all the excellent Orbx programs i own both by download and disk ex fFight Sim Store. Would any one be able to advise how to remove this program so I can reinstall it late when I upgrade my NvidaGTX 770 .0 Video Card to a more powfull model

Kindest regards 


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welcome to the forums.

If you are referring to the chequered roofs, there is a fix here:


Otherwise, as a set of replacement textures, it is unlikely to be the cause of your other problem.

There should be an Uninstall tab in Orbx central.

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