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not enough space to download scenery


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WIN10 ( C)   13,2 GB free space    here is FSX

DATA   (E)     104 GB free space     here is the  Orbx-Backup the download-Directory  and the Orbx-lib Directory

lib installation without problems.
When I start the scenery download, after a few seconds I get the message:
 "you dont have enough free space to complete the installation".   ( Message from Orbx-central )
But I definitely have enough disk space

I reinstalled Orbx-central, but the same result.

with kind regards 



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i am trying to install the scenery germany south
The download size of this product is 7.90 GB. It uses 10.24 GB when installed.
I have 13.2 GB free on Drive C, so I'm not sure why download does not start.

My new findings:
The libary installation does not take place in the assigned folder on drive E, but in the FSX home directory.
The libary setting in Orbx-central is ignored.
I have very little space on drive c, so that's not so nice.

I have now increased the space on drive c to 30gb.
now i can start the download.
it is still not clear to me, why this does not work with 13.2 gb of free space on drive c.

further knowledge:
the scenery installation is always found in the fsx home directory
 instead of drive c ?
I find that very unfavorable. it would be nice if I could set a scenery folder.

drive c is full again after installing germany south. I cannot install another scenery with it.
Is there a solution ?

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1. FSX is not compatible with Orbx Central Libraries.


2. Installations typically use at least twice the download size, sometimes more.

two times 7.9 is 14.98, more than the 13.2 that is available.


3.the scenery installation can take place wherever the customer wishes, using the

Settings\Downloader\TemporaryLocation facility in Orbx Central


4. as at 3. above.


5. all this information is in the User Guide.



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