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Transferring my products from FSX:SE to FSX: Boxed


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I've recently found my old Boxed FSX with the two installation discs and I am having trouble figuring out how to transfer my Global BASE Pack, and Libraries from FSX:SE to Boxed FSX. I've tried the directory tool and that didn't work. I tried reinstalling Orbx direct and getting to the directory page where you select the sim and choose your directory. Whenever I sign back in it goes to the sim select page then it disappears after less than a second of showing up. I have no idea how to transfer the products and I need help. 


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welcome to the forums.

I wonder why you would wish to use FSX Deluxe Edition when you already have FSX Gold Edition in the form of FSX Steam Edition?

Not only that but as you presumably installed FSX Deluxe Edition second, both will be trying to use the same registry entries.

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