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Central v4.1.7 on Fastlane not showing compatible products for P3Dv5

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Operating system:  Windowsm 10 Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363

Simulator:  Prepare3D v5 -

Screenshot:  attached: view of P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 offering in Central

Issue:  It is said that AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand is now available in Central for P3Dv5. I cannot see it offered on my system


2020-05-04 23_18_50-Orbx Central_P3Dv4.jpg

2020-05-04 23_18_50-Orbx Central_P3Dv5.jpg

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Nick, your help is extremely appreciated!


Most likely I did not say that my issue is not with P3Dv4, but with P3Dv5.

Can you please also edit my second picture which shows Prepar3Dv5 and draw the arrow to where I am supposed to look for the AI traffic package - that would help me a lot!


Many thanks, most appreciated


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Progressing like you tell me is indeed opening the AI Traffic page within the P3Dv5 context and offers me an install option. Before I do this - is there any interest on your side to find out why it is not there in the first place? It might only affect me, but considering the other thread that it is not the case.




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