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Blocked Installation

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Operating system:  WIN10

Simulator:  P3dv4.5



I had a problem with the installation of EGJA. First it gave a hint that a path could not be found. This hint caused at every SimStart that the Sim could not be opened at first.
I tried to solve the problem by reinstalling EGJA. EGJA was displayed in the queue, but it got stuck there. A following installation of EDBH lined up behind EGJA in the queue and both are hanging there now unchanged for weeks.
Unfortunately, I migrated chaseplane to Orbx without knowing that it would be queued up as well and would no longer be usable for me.


In this XP-Support Forum under " FTX-Central Version 4.0.6 By Bertsche07, #12" the same problem of Blocked Installation was described.

I hope very urgently for a solution of the problem, the blockade of chaseplane is a very serious usage restriction.

Can you help? Is it possible to cancel the blocked EGJA-installatin?





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Guest Josh Koz

Hi @kiliflyer,


Can stop Orbx Central completely, remove the %temp%/Orbx/job-cache.json file and relaunch and try again to see if the issue persists?


Can you also provide a screenshot of your Downloader settings page in Orbx Central?

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Hi, Nick, there was no P3D cause. The problem was clearly Orbx. After update to Central 4.1.7 ("stopped download queue ..." ?) the blockade was removed and I could finish the scenery installations and the migration chase plans without problems.


Hi Josh, thank's for your inquiry, fortunately problem resolved.

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