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EU Wales always at the top of library


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Issue observed only with EU Wales so far in my brand new P3Dv5 installation.

Insertion point for Orbs stuff set to Flytampa Copenaghen as visible in 1st screenshot.

After EU Wales installation found out it is placed at the top of the scenery library.

Hence manually synchronized the simulator, but as visible in my last screenshot the EU Wales is still there and not placed as expected somewhere below the insertion point.

I am able to manually set a layer for it but don't know what is the correct expeced location within the Orbx stuff to avoid conflicts.





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I don't think that the EU Wales entry at the top of your library is the product, just a part of it.

You should be able to read the whole path if you visit the add-ons.cfg file.

No one has tried to integrate such a wide product range into the add-ons system and there are

bound to be new features.

The key is "is there a problem in the simulator" and not "why does the scenery library not look like it used to".

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This is a fresh P3Dv5 installation with only the Orbx stuff and some other 3rd party sceneries, only what already stated as officially compatible with P3Dv5 so far.

No manual action was carried out, at least intentionally.

As already stated above all Orbx stuff is correcty placed below the insertion point, only ths entry fails to stay below in a proper priority order.

This EU Wales entry is the last one package (as this is the last thing I installed) in the add--ons.cfg file.


PATH=D:\ORBXLIB\p3dv5\EU Wales


Eventually the layering created by Orbx Central for the EU Wales xml file found in D:\ORBXLIB\p3dv5\EU Wales seems to fail, the Layer tag set to 245 by Orbx Central for that component indeed seems to be the root cause for that entry at the top.


    <Name>FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY Orbx EU Wales</Name>


The other components seem ok as layering as you can read in the attached xml file.

As far as I know the Resynch tool shoudd be able to fix these inconsistencies.


add-ons.cfg add-on.xml

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Ok, then I manually set that component Layer to 203 to reasonably match the layer sequence found in that xml file.

Now it is ok and I hope Orbx central will not relocate it in next sessions.

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