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Moving Orbx files ?


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Looking for my Orbx files, I found several locations. I have a SSD dedicated to FSX.

Some files are in f:/Orbx directory, others are in f:/Flight Simulator X/Orbx.

in f:/Orbx I have empties subdirectories: global-base, global-vector,pnw,ysch,ywva

in f:/Flight Simulator X/Orbx, I have the following subdirectories (not empties): FTX_AU,FTX_GLOBAL,FTX_NA, FTX_OLC,FTX_VECTOR, Scripts, Troubleshooters and UserDocuments.

My question is : Is it a standard installation ? Could (should)  I move some files in f:/Orbx/<right name subdirectory> ?



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Hello Jean-Luc,

the correct location for most files for FSX is in the Orbx folder inside the FSX root folder.

The only way to have FTX Central or Orbx Central create an F:\Orbx folder would be to install

FSX to F:\, which should never be done.

If there are any files in F:\Orbx that were placed there by the Orbx installer and your copy of

FSX is inside F:/Flight Simulator X, then you can copy them over.


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