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LOWW install issues

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Operating system:  W10 Pro

Simulator:  P3D v4


Issue:  no scenery visiable and double entries in scenery.cfg


After installing LOWW today I received an error "an entry already exists with the path "Gaya Simulations\LOWW"


What happens is that I forgot to unistall FlyTampa's version, so I uninstalled Orbx's again (before launching)m then removed FlyTampa, and reinstalled Orbx.


Then I got the error.


I then uninstalled Orbx LOWW, removed everything from scenery.cfg with LOWW and installed Orbx LOWW again.


I launched P3d and couldn't see the scenery (only LOWW default). I then went to Orbx Central and verified files, then "Sync Simulator".


Launched P3d and got agagin warning that entry already exists and no scenery visible when loading LOWW.


When checking scenery.cfg, I can see that every time I click "Sync simulator" another entry for


Local=Gaya Simulations\LOWW


gets inserted!


Any idea what is going on?


I have quite a few Orbx libraries and airports and never any problem before.


I should say, I also use Austria Pro HD (East & West). which I installed earlier today, but don't think this is related...




Steve Rhodes



central.log scenery.cfg

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thanks! you are right, the (non) visibility was due to Austria Pro HD being on top of Gaya, although I found it a bit tricky to make it all work, which I have to do every time I install an Orbx product.


I basically had to move ORB LOWI and LOWW above Austria Pro

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