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texture issue


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I am using FSX SE and recently purchased and installed some scenery to try out.  I have the Pacific NW and the Friday Harbor, Orcas Island and Felts field sceneries.  I am been running FSX in the Direct x10 preview mode for awhile now and it seems to work good for me. I had an issue with some black boxes in the scenery showing up, but everything else looked great.  So I found the FAQs and used the free fix file from the avsim website.  After running that fix the black boxes went away but there  are now some missing textures at the friday harbor airport.  The textures appear if I set the time of day to evening, they look better, not black areas.  The other airports i purchased and installed all seem fine, just Friday Harbor with these issues.  The textures were there prior to running the avsim file fix, I am sure this is a lighting fix issue but don;t know how to resolve.


I also ran the sync simulator and verify files in Orbx central installer and tried uninstalling and reinstalling the friday harbor scenery but it didnt fix it.


Here is a screen shot. I appreciate some help, This is my favorite airport to fly in and out of.



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I think for the price it would be worth it to me.  I just have one more question, do I need to do anything first to uninstall or undo what was done with the free fix version?  Should I do a clean install of fsx first and reinstall everything?


Thanks so much!


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