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Switching between SD and HD versions of TE scenery


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I originally posted this in the Xplane Support forum, but it may be more of an Orbx Central question.


I started out with the HD version of TE Washington.  To speed up load times and tell if there was much difference in VR I decided to try the SD version.  I'm using a library for Orbx central on a separate drive.   I copied the three A, B, and C folders from the library and pasted them to a different location.  Then I uninstalled the HD version in Orbx Central and installed the SD version.  I was hoping that this would make it easy to revert back to HD if I so choose without having to re-download.


Well, now I'd like to go back to the HD version, so I've begun the same process.  I copied the SD folders and moved them to another location.  Then I did the uninstall in Central.  Next I moved the original HD folders back to their proper location in my Orbx library.     I was hoping that Orbx Central would simply verify files and not try to do another complete download (I have a pretty slow internet connection).  That's not the case.  It's started the whole download again.


Is there a way around this?  The files are already there.  I can simply symlink the folders and manually manipulate the scenery.ini file.  I've already tried this a couple of times and the sim recognizes  both the HD and SD versions without issue.  I would just like to be able to have the active version showing in Orbx Central so I can do updates, verify files, etc.   Is there a faster way to switch them in Central without having to go through the whole download process again?  I'm not trying to simultaneously use both libraries or have them both installed at the same time.  I would just like a faster way to switch between the two.


One option I've considered is  I deleting my current library in Central (but not the actual folders and files), then renaming it and switching out the SD folders for the HD folders... then create a new library in Central...   perhaps during the scan of the new library for installed products it would then recognize the HD version?? 




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if you had installed the files into an Orbx central Library, then to change between the versions is to simply 

move the HD folder out of the Orbx Central Library into storage elsewhere and move the SD folder into it instead.

There is a version text file that tells Orbx Central which one is installed.


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That's great Nick.  Thanks for the help.  I'll give it a whirl shortly.  I think my problem may have been the text file.  I didn't realize Central was using it, and I don't think I copied it originally.


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