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Use Main Library on a 2nd XPLane installation


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I am currently running the newest 11.51b Version as a second copy for testing purpose. So far it is nice and smooth. So I would like to give it a trial with my Orbx Sceneries. I thought using the Main Library approach form Orbx Central must be fine to do this. So Central should just configure my scenery.ini on the 2nd installation to work with the main library.

But I cannot figure out how to link Orbx Central to the 2nd Copy of XPlane. Is there an easy way to do this?





Operating system:  OS X 10.14.6

Simulator:  XPLANE 11




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Orbx Central reads from the C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\x-plane_install_11.txt file,

which each version of X Plane 11 should write into.

More than one version in that file will result in more than one version in the Orbx Central

drop down menu and hovering the mouse cursor over each one will reveal which one it is.

Select the one you want and run Sync Simulator.

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Hi Nick,


I can't find the config file. I am on Mac and I guess the path is somehow different. I searched in the usual location /Libraray/Application Support/Orbx/Central. There are a lot of files but not X-plane_install_11.txt file for editing. Searching the whole Disk also yield no result for such a file.


Thanks for your prompt reply.

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I figured it out myself for MAC-OS::

There is a file called "central.json" located in user/library/application support/Orbx/Central. 

Here you can edit the path for the simulator. After that you are connected to your new simulator instance and you can use the "Sync Simulator" option in the help section. Central will modify your scenery.ini and copy the necessary files to the scenery folder!


currentSimulator": {
    "base": "xp",
    "name": "X-Plane 11",
    "abbreviation": "xp11",
    "abbreviationDownload": "",
    "executable": "X-Plane.app",
    "rootPath": "/Users/user/XPLANE/Beta/X-Plane 11",
    "configuration": {
      "sceneryConfigPath": "/Users/user/XPLANE/Beta/X-Plane 11/Custom Scenery/scenery_packs.ini"
    "tooltip": "/Users/user/XPLANE/Beta/X-Plane 11"

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