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How to have access to setting on new Orbx Central


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Hi Everyone,


I experience issue with HAAD scenery, how can we get access setting(as we used to on FTX central) on the Orbx CENTRAL to run Auto-Configuration and manuel Configuration to enable or disable airport elevation?





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Hello Mac,

welcome to the forums.

Each product that has a control panel has a Configure tab on its product page.

Global Vector is no exception.


Here is an extract from the User Guide, a read of which would probably be worthwhile to you.




Configuring a product

Some products have their own settings and options that allow you to configure a product to your liking. If a product product is installed and has a control panel, you will find a ‘configure’ button within the options for that product. P4cxRXqNR-8_CdGNweNPdgWMvb1k7e2tP_AWoXuS

Clicking on configure will load up the product control panel and present options that can be used to customise your installation of the product.



You can access it at Orbx Central \Settings\Help\User Guide tab



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