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OpenLC Africa FALE-Durban/SA issue

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I have no third-party African airports. Coming from FACT-Capetown to FAPE-Port Elizabeth (both OK). From FAPE to FALE-Durban, I noticed first some moving textures on runway and after clearing, lots of trees spread on tarmac. This was in FSX. Did not try P3D yet.



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As I said, I have no 3rd-party African airports. I started to seriously fly there after Orbx OpenLC Africa. I have now just made a search in my scenery collection and browsed the whole FSX folder and also used the SceneryConfigEditor, and did not find anything like FALE or Durban. I will give a try in P3D FALE-Durban Airport and report any issue there.


I went to South Africa in the 1990's and made the leg from Durban to Port Elizabeth in a B737, and I remember pretty well the Durban International was already a very comfortable, elegant and quite big airport, as well as the city. It is at least strange that FSX (2009-2010 when edited) did not depict FALE.


Thanks for your attention.



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I read this:



King Shaka International Airport (IATA: DUR, ICAO: FALE), abbreviated KSIA, is the primary airport serving Durban, South Africa. Located in La Mercy, KwaZulu-Natal, approximately 35 km (22 mi) north of the city centre of Durban, it opened its doors to passengers on 1 May 2010, just over a month before the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It replaced Durban International Airport (ICAO: FADN) and uses the same IATA airport code.


which I reasoned is probably why there is no FALE in FSX or P3D but in both, there is an FADN.

If you have an FADE, then perhaps you have used software to update the navigation database

and that has added a second airport in the same place and is causing your problem.




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