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Product can not be moved anymore?

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Hi. I have Prepar3dv4 installed and I use central 4.1.1

I am organizing my Scenery. I want to create different libraries that can be turned on and off, so I don't have to load doznes of airports and regions I don't fly to at the same time. Let's say, if i fly in europe, I disable all US and Australia sceneries. Because you can only activate and deactivate a whole AddonXML at the same time, i try to split it into regions. 

Since today, i can only uninstall scenery's. Wasn't there an option to move a scenery to the simulator or to a selected addon library before? Since when is that option gone?

Or, can i move them manually and change the addon.xml myself, or will that corrupt the whole thing?


Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards



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I do not recommend either uninstalling and then reinstalling, as it is a totally unnecessary and time consuming passtime and

I most certainly do not recommend editing xml files manually. 


If your scenery is installed into the simulator root folder, then activating and deactivating scenery items is easily achieved

by ticking and un-ticking scenery library entries. I commend to you the Scenery Config Editor.


If your scenery is installed into a remote folder, such as an Orbx Central Library, then the items can be selected or deselected

in the P3D v4 add-ons menu. I commend to you the Lorby Prepar3D V4 Addon Organizer

There is also something called SimStarter, which is payware.



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Hi Nick. Thank you very much for your help. I have the Sim Starter. That is why i came onto the idea of splitting the librarys. As far as I know, you can only activate or deactivate a whole Addon Library as a whole. So, if all us, australian and european airports ar in the same library, you can not just turn off part of them. 


Mabe I try the lorby addon organizer, i heard good things about. 

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