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Uninstalling Global


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I bought Global Base and Vector, and installed on my old computer.

I was impressed with the improvement in detail, but sadly my FPS crashed from 20+ to about 6, unless I'm over open sea. Also, the sky is  represented by sharply defined blocks of colour.

I went to Central and UNINSTALLED. I was surprised that it was instant, I expected a long un-doing of the files.

Tried FSX, and it recompiled the scenery  but it is still at 6FPS, and the sky remains blocky.

Seems there may be an extra step to do?

Thanks, Mike

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you cannot uninstall Orbx Global Base because it replaces default files and

the simulator will not work without them.

The uninstall therefore just marks the product as not installed but leaves the

files alone. This does indeed only take a second or so to do.

Have you installed the Orbx Libraires?

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Hi Nick,

Yes Nick, The libraries are installed.

OK, if Globals cannot be uninstalled, it sounds like I'll need to reinstall FSX, then skip installing Globals?

That should give me the lightweight simulator, which my computer can handle.

Regards, Mike

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Orbx Global Base is a set of replacement textures that no one finds to be harder for a simulator to display.

Autogen density for a given setting is greater, so you should find that reducing autogen density by a notch

or two will return your performance to where it was before.

Not only that but you will also not have to suffer the default textures.


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OK, Nick,

I've dropped back some of the settings, including cloud draw distance.

I opened up the FPS to unlimited as well.

The FPS improved, ranging between 20 and mid 40s, which was impressive.

Sadly the sky still looks awful, horizontal strips of colour with some sharpish vertical differences too.

I'm using detailed clouds and the 1980 x 12?? x 32 resolution.

Cheers Mike

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I had been using Rex, but I I uninstalled it. Perhaps those settings should have been reversed before uninstalling. It never affecred like this anyway.

I'll check that.

Meanwhile a couple of  screen crops of sky.

"VENUS" is a label from AUTOSTARX, which simply adds night objects in the correct positions, no effect on textures





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I have decided to reinstall FSX.

I'm guessing that before I do that, I'll need to "uninstall" all my Orbx add ons, otherwise when I go to install into the new set up, I'll be told they are already there?

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to avoid duplicating whatever is causing your problem, I would recommend that you keep only your Orbx folder

somewhere safe.

One way to reinstall a clean copy of FSX without losing any of your files is to rename your FSX root folder

and then create a new and empty folder with the same name and run repair from your FSX and Acceleration

disks. This also avoids any possible problems with activation.

At that point, I would suggest that you make sure that your solution has worked, by running FSX in its default state.

Whichever way you choose, after you have put the Orbx folder into your new installation, run Verify files for

all your products.


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