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Some airport elevation issues True Earth GB for p3dv4


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Four weeks ago, I got a new computer. I decided to switch from FSX to P3d, and bought P3dV4.5. Then I installed the brand new Orbx Central, and started to add my previously purchased products. These were:-


FTX global base

FTX Global Vector

LC Europe

LC North America

EU England

EU Scotland

EU Wales

Orbx Global airport pack


I also added all the full fat sceneries for USA, Canada, and New Zealand. But these have no impact on my inquiry today.


Everything was fine with this combination.


Then, in the last three days I purchased all three products in the True Earth Great Britain series for P3D4. The problem is with some airport elevations in England (these are very borderline between Central and South, so I do not know which product they fall into). Basically, I have some airports where the runways and taxiways seem to sit on their own elevated plains about 50 feet above the rest of the scenery. Very ugly and destroying of the experience.


Since the new Orbx Central is supposed to automatically take care of everything, I do not understand what the problem is, or how to rectify it. Any help would be appreciated.


- Kenneth

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Thank you for the reply. How do I do that?


Also, I see numerous examples of floating buildings, and one is especially strange. I flew out of Aberporth in TE South (Wales) EGFA. I noticed half the buildings in the nearby coastal town of Aberporth were floating about 50 ft in the air. I searched the forums and someone said disable all of vector. So I went into scenery manager and did that. I had paused the aircraft over the town, and when it reloaded, the buildings were perfectly aligned with the terrain. BUT, when I did a touch and go at the airport, the second I touched the tarmac, the nearby town buildings were back in the air again....


Any suggestions?




- Kenneth

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