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//42 Immersion manager files failed to extract

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Hi there,

When trying to verify my Immersion manager files I keep getting error message saying:

Some errors were detected 2 files failed to extract and I keep getting this message after repeatedly Verifying files.

Any idea how to solve this?

From //42 have the following installed: 737 immersion V2, PrecipitFX, VFX Central and libraries. (which all installed okay)


Kind regards

Leo de Haan


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this is not Orbx Freeware but a payware product from Parallel 42.

However, it seems that your problem is with the installation,

I have therefore moved your topic to the Orbx Central support forum.

To enable the developers to provide support, please attach a 

copy of the central.log file.

You can open it on the Orbx Central Settings\Help page and save a copy.

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Got it sorted.

I read somebody else's post saying that he had the same problem but his Sim was open.

Mine wasn't open but decided to reboot pc as I remember that some files stay active after closing P3D.

After reboot all installed/verified okay.


Thanks and stay safe.


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