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Orbx Central Installation problems

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Hi everyone. I have recently purchased Orbx TE Central and LOWI for xplane and want to download them via Central. I downloaded central a while ago to install Orbx EGNX but then accidentally deleted it when I was cleaning up my drive. I downloaded the installer and opened it and it began its install but the install got stuck at about 25%. I left it for a couple hours but its did not continue installing. I thought I might be able to manually install the TE and the LOWI scenery but the files are impossible to install manually. If anyone has experienced this and knows how to help I would be extremely grateful.




Operating system: Windows 10  

Simulator:  Xplane 11

Screenshot:  Attached 

Issue: Orbx Central stuck in the install 



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4 hours ago, mrredman said:

Orbx Central stuck in the install 

Hello Morgan, welcome to the forums.

When you accidently deleted Orbx Central you could have left certain files behind.

I would suggest you start again and follow the advice from Josh.

If performing an uninstall of Orbx Central through 'Add or Remove programs' the few directories to check just in case anything gets left behind are:

  • %appdata%\Orbx\Central

  • %localappdata%\Orbx-central-updater

Josh Koz

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