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Hi All,


Ive seen several posts about AI issues but couldnt see any fixes for my problem.


So I have installed the AUS/NZ pack. Scenery seems to show after going back and forth between Orbx central and the ingame scenery folder, overall not great and clunky first impression. I can see planes on the ground but nothing moves and nothing in the air. This is also the same for the NA GA traffic pack. The Orbx central guides all refer to 'FTX control panel' which seems to be non existant now? A bit silly to reference something that doesnt exist.


So how can I turn all this on?


The configure options are all ticked and the files seems to be in the right places in the P3D V3 folders. Ive tried verifying and uninstall etc. I never trusted it to just install and work in the firstplace.


Any ideas?


Also the iceland pack causes a CTD. Is all the Orbx stuff a pain to get going?



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welcome to the forums.

As you have availed yourself of the freeware AI packs but not of any Orbx products, you are unlikely to see much Orbx AI.

Control panels are accessed via the Orbx Central "Configure" tab. There is a minor typo which replaces Orbx with FTX but

it seems that you have managed in any case.

The "iceland pack" has been available since 2013 and does not per se "cause a CTD".

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HI Nick,


Ok thanks. Ill uninstall and move on then. Dont want to pay for the packs if the 'demos' are this empty or unreliable.  I was hoping for a taster but I guess it doesnt even give that.


Oh well havnt lost anything.

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