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Australia v2 - Not installing properly

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Hey guys,

Well its been a roller coaster ride with v2. I installed it the other week when a friend purchased as a gift for me, I was flying and notices a excessive amount of personal dams on properties around country NSW, not that that was a problem with that, just there seemed to be a lot, and then they started showing up in the towns, under buildings, in the middle of bush land, it seem to be a land class issue, I am not sure what the problem was. [see images attached] I thought maybe I need to purchased VECTOR. I also noted that all major roads had disappeared, There is just the grassy area where the roads are meant to be.

So i uninstalled and reinstalled. no fixes. I end up moving a few files around in the scenery file and got the roads back.. but was never 100% happy.

II recently flew into Iceland so I intalled the Demo for that region. that elevated the airport above the ground, so Runways and Taxi ways where high.

So products I had installed at the time - BASE/openLC NA/Australia v2/England/Wales?Southern CA/South Island/YBCS/YSCB/YWOL/YMLT/AYPY

So I grew tired of everything and decided to start again, fresh P3Dv4.5 install, fresh scenery files, fresh Central download.

I bought VECTOR today (hours before the Sale... FML) grrrrrrr [insert bad words here]... I have installed all my Orbx products expect 1... Australia v2, every time I install it i get an error message saying that it could not Extract 1 file, and I should verify the files. I do that and it gives me the same issue. So I am here now, asking how to fix this problem?

Kind Regards




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I am sorry that you are having these problems.

As the remaining problem seems to be with the installer,

I have moved your topic to the installer's support forum.

Please attach a copy of the Orbx Central log.

You can open it on the Help page of Orbx Central and save a copy to attach to your next post.


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