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Campbell River is missing

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As requested by Larry, I am re-posting my issue in this forum.


I love what has been done with the Pacific Northwest Ferries package. It is an outstanding work, and adds much to the PNW scenery. However, I appear to be missing any sign of improvement at Campbell River.


I used Central to install the package this afternoon. I already own PNW, and the Global base and Vector products. I had also installed the prior Nanaimo harbour scenery last week through Central. All of this is on a new computer that had nothing on it at all until two weeks ago! It is also a new purchase of P3d 4.5.


I've been exploring the new ferry pack. I've enjoyed the new detail at Nanaimo, have checked out the work at Powell River, and nipped across to both Horseshoe Bay, and the big terminal south of Vancouver, just beside the US/Canadian border. These all look great. BUT, when I go to Campbell River, I see the seaplanes at the seaplane base, but that's it. Not a sign of any further changes from the base products already mentioned. 


A screenshot was posted on the other forum to show what I should expect to see, and I searched the coastline in vain to find anything like it within five miles north and south of the seaplane jetty. It's as if a file or folder has simply not been installed through central. In fact, although requested to post my own screenshot, there's so much difference between the aforementioned image and what I am seeing, it's impossible to know if I am at the same spot!


Certainly some help is needed here.


Thanks in advance.


- Kenneth



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  I just disabled my CAE3 Campbell River scenery in the World/Scenery Library and the terminal is gone.  I think installing CAE3 Campbell River will solve your problem Keneth.


Hi Kenneth,

  Since you are up now maybe we can troubleshoot it tonight!

  Here is a zip with a flight that puts you looking directly at the Campbell R ferry terminal.  It uses the default Maule so it should load up easily.  Just put the two files in your Documents/Prepar3D v4 Files folder and load once you have started the sim.   Take a screen right there and post it and I'll be able to advise.


Also, maybe check and see if you have Larry's freeware CAE3 Campbell River installed via Orbx Central

Campbell River.zip

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