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To Mr. Nick Cooper.....


My name is Murray Ayata

I am an American retire airline Captain

I use P3D v4.5 I don't know How good it is but ok by me

I had Orbx product from Orbx via internet down load 

It was working very well up to two monts a go..all of a sudden it did not install any more it came communicating problems/ or library something etc etc

then in this pace some body said your account lock up>?? what is this

my e mail ayata@aol.com

I hope you can help me

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To Mr Nick cooper 


What is this MSG

#yiv2880391602 table td { border-collapse:collapse;} #yiv2880391602 body .filtered99999 .yiv2880391602directional_text_wrapper {direction:rtl;unicode-bidi:embed;}

My e mail ayata@aol.com

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