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Missing Simulator?

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this will be one for the Orbx Central Team, the log seems to be littered with errors.

To an untrained eye, it look like the internet connection is either broken or being disrupted.

A firewall or anti virus software could do that.

Odd coincidence though that you are not allowed to edit the registry either.

It does appear that something is being a little over protective of your system.

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On 3/4/2020 at 9:05 AM, OscarMacT14 said:

yes i did. i run it as admin and still have that problem

Omg, did i just wasting my money and my time? Im already try to fix it via safe mode, upgrade my PC to Win 10 Pro and still can't recognize my sim? And yeah i logged on as administrator

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I am waiting for input from the Orbx Central support team who will very likely be able to decipher

your log file and tell you what the problem is.

In the meantime, I am trying to ask you the questions that they would, so that they do not need to.

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Your Central log file suggests strange behaviour is occurring on your machine.

  • Central is unable to maintain a connection to our servers

    2020-03-03T16:54:28.819Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Connected to Socket.IO.
    2020-03-03T16:54:44.627Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Disconnected from Socket.IO.
    2020-03-03T16:54:45.971Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Connected to Socket.IO.
    2020-03-03T16:54:46.441Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Authenticated with Socket.IO.
    2020-03-03T16:55:02.034Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Disconnected from Socket.IO.
    2020-03-03T16:55:03.652Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Connected to Socket.IO.
    2020-03-03T16:55:19.395Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Disconnected from Socket.IO.
    2020-03-03T16:55:20.828Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Connected to Socket.IO.
    2020-03-03T16:55:21.282Z [INFO] [Central::SocketService] - Authenticated with Socket.IO.


  • Prepar3D isn't writing its install path to the registry, or Central isn't being allowed to access the registry

Do you have any antivirus/firewall software that may be blocking Central from accessing the registry and/or maintaining a connection to Orbx?

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