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Reloading Orbx products due to corrupt Scenery Library


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My scenery.cfg was corrupted (FSX-SE). I had enormous gaps within my scenery library where check marks were present on scenery lines that had no information within them. Taking one step at a time - I first started looking for a scenery.cfg that I could replace my corrupted one with which was not a huge task. Secondly, it immediately fixed my corrupted issue with the bad scenery.cfg, however, the re-assignment of all my addon sceneries may take some time to reinstall which brings me to ask a question or two about all of my Orbx products. I could reinstall them one-for-one from their present folders but I would rather re-download them one at a time and have the files go where they need to be placed automatically as I can then move on with other issues that will need attention such as my addons and their required .dll's etc., how does this suggestion sound to you? If you have a better recommendation please chime in, I would like to know before I undertake this task!




Richard Rice

Transaction ID: 581f361c7200e (Global Base Pack)

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Hi Richard


Normally all you need to do is delete the corrupt scenery.cfg, then copy and paste the default spare scenery.cfg that is located in the FSX root folder to the location the corrupt one was, then simply run Orbx Central and go to settings/help/sync simulator and it will write all your Orbx products to the fresh scenery.cfg...the only items you will need to add back manually are the non Orbx 3rd party stuff.

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Morning...this is way to easy, but thankful for the information! I'll be up and running by the end of the day!!!  Thanks for your time! I also viewed your rig's attributes. You can't go wrong with the NVIDIA 1080TI...love it! I'm sporting one as well in a Dell Aurora R7...My first factory ordered rig which I'm proud to say I've just paid it off two weeks ago! Would have liked to have built a new rig but alas, I'll be 65 on the 10th of this month and the eyesight is not as good as it once was - especially when one hand has a part or tool in it and the other is holding a magnifying glass!





Illinois, USA

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