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Log says Update for version 4.1.0 is not available

Jon Flye

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Unable to launch ORBX Central.    Did an uninstall and deleted various folders in APPDATA..  in the log it says...


2020-02-24T02:56:08.744Z [INFO] [Main] - Orbx Central - 4.1.0
2020-02-24T02:56:08.747Z [INFO] [Main] - Windows_NT 10.0.18363
2020-02-24T02:56:08.750Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env APPDATA: C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming
2020-02-24T02:56:08.753Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env PROGRAMDATA: C:\ProgramData
2020-02-24T02:56:08.756Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env LOCALAPPDATA: C:\Users\User\AppData\Local
2020-02-24T02:56:08.783Z [INFO] [Main] - Booting splashscreen.
2020-02-24T02:56:08.966Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Loaded
2020-02-24T02:56:08.970Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Checking for updates...
2020-02-24T02:56:08.974Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Racing update check with timeout...
2020-02-24T02:56:08.977Z [INFO] [Main] - Checking for update
2020-02-24T02:56:09.350Z [INFO] [Main] - Update for version 4.1.0 is not available (latest version: 4.0.39, downgrade is disallowed).
2020-02-24T02:56:09.354Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] No updates available.
2020-02-24T02:56:09.357Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Boot requested.
2020-02-24T02:56:09.360Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Ready to launch application.
2020-02-24T02:56:09.364Z [INFO] [Main] - Application ready to start.
2020-02-24T02:56:09.367Z [INFO] [Main] - Creating main application window.

Says it is initializing and then quits and is not in taskbar. Also note, earlier today all was working so prereqs are installed.. No Antivirus running



Operating system:   Win10

Simulator:  P3D4.5


Issue:  Unable to launch ORBX Central


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 I solved my issue with Orbx Central not launching and having such a short log file..  Turns out I have a pfsense firewall that has a utiltity called pfBlockerNG. Many people download lists of sites to block.   For whatever reason one of the main lists that is publicly available, it blocks two sites that ORBX Central calls upon 





they are both blocked from a list called DNSBL_Pi_hole_list


Once I use a public DNS server ORBX Central launches no problem. or if a person chooses they can whitelist them on the pfBlockerNG or related program


I think these two sites were introduced in your latest version.   Just wanted you to know in case others have what is known as a pihole for DNS.




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