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Orbx Central 4.1 is now in Fastlane!

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Hi all,


Over the past few months, our team has worked hard to refine the experience when using Orbx Central. We’ve made a lot of improvements to make your life easier. A part of this process has been listening to feedback from customers and staff alike.


As our ecosystem expands with 3rd Party Partners such as Milviz, Parallel 42, Pilot Plus and more, we need to ensure our client software continues to evolve to meet their needs. Because of this, we embarked on a journey to further modernise Central’s UI and UX.


Refreshed User Interface




The first thing you’ll notice is our new top-level navigation. The “Store” tab will show all products whether you own them or not. “Partners” only shows products from our 3rd Party Partners. “Discover” shows our new map page. Finally, “My Products” shows just the products that you own.




The top-level navigation also contains our new global search. This search can take you to any product, or focus the product on the “Discover” page. Hint: press Ctrl/Cmd + F to focus on the search box.




Additionally, you can now search for airports that are within other products. For example, if you search for ESSD, you’ll see that comes as a part of the ESNQ Kiruna Airport triple pack.




Moving to the left hand side of Central, we’ve rethought how a product’s state should be displayed.






The download queue has been vastly improved from previous versions. You will not only show products that are currently in the queue, it will also show products that have pending updates. You can click on the download icon to begin the update process for those.






One of our most anticipated features is a way to view Orbx products on a map.



Products and regions that you own are shown with a purple highlight. Products that have a discount applied will show in red.


Clicking on a product will show many more details about a product, including bonus airports, helipads, POIs, etc.






Clicking on a region will show all of the POIs and airports within it.

We hope you enjoy all of these changes to Central - be sure to let us know if there are other improvements you’d like to see.

Orbx Central 4.1 is in Fastlane now. You can opt-in to Fastlane in the Central settings (under "My Account").

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