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NZQN Runway Issue

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  • 11 months later...

no dice, on wellington to queenstown sector, performance degrades to single digits overhead nzch and stays there to nzqn


performance is fine in wellington. its nzsi or queenstown


unintalled/installed/verified nzqn, no changes


what do i do? uninstall nzqn AND nzsi then reinstall?

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uninstalled nzsi and nzqn, deleted the install files


redownloaded nzsi, installed, verified files


loaded p3d, flew to nzqn without nzqn scenery installed


NZSI is the problem


i always get to within 25nm of NZCH christchurch and performance dives from 20-30 fps, to steady 10fps


install or verify files not fixing this problem


as i said, im not the only one with this problem... dont correlate silence with no problems...

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