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ORBX Central Unusable!!!

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Just purchased my first ORBX product (ORBX True Earth - Florida HD) and due to the fact that there is no available download build so I can download the product I just spent $70USD on, I am left with no other choice than to use the helpful ORBX Central. However...... everytime I open ORBX Central and my download begins, it no later closes the application due to a connection issue. Before you jump to conclusions that it may be my internet connection, mind you my TIVo Connection has yet to lapse and I have a steady connection any other time on the PC and mobile devices. As I am writing this, I am now informed that my PC has run out of DISK SPACE due to being unable to change locations for the download because I am unable to access the ORBX CENTRAL program.... Would appreciate some sort of immediate assistance.

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welcome to the forums.

Please make sure that you have installed all the prerequisite software as detailed

and linked in the Orbx Central User guide that you can read here.

I have moved the topic to the Orbx Central forum for you.


I do not entirely understand how you would be able to start a download and fill up

a hard drive when you cannot access the software to enable you to do so.

Perhaps I have not fully understood your post.



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