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Before the new Central there was a work-around for installing the above in a seperate drive which I assume is no longer needed. 2 Things:

1 Will this work OK with an external SSD please

2 I have read the instructions for Libraries but do not really understand  exactly how to do it!  Are you able please to provide a step by step idiots guide to this as I am going to re-install P3dv4 on a new PC where I would prefer to save some hard drive space from the start.






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1. as long as the external drive is always assigned the same drive letter by Windows, then yes.


2. create a folder in the location where you want Orbx Central to place the files.


To use your external drive as an example and assuming that Windows has given it the drive letter D:


a. Create a new folder and give it a name that makes it easy to recognise such as D:\Orbx Central Library.


b. Open Orbx Central and click on Libraries and then the Create new library tab.

In the Library name box, type a name of your choice.

Once again, something that clearly describes is it best, Orbx Central LIbrary for example.


c. In the Library path box, click on Change, when the Windows Explorer box opens, navigate to

D:\Orbx Central Library and save that as the path.




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