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How to move \FSX\ORBX folder to folder outside of FSX folder


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setup: wiped SSD fresh re-installed of Win10-1909: all drivers, updates up2date, fresh install of FSXsp2 on C:\FSX...

created C:\ORBX folder, D:\orbx_dnlds...

downloaded yesterday all my ORBX products (except LIBS) onto E:\...\Zips\... (see in central.log attached)...

downloaded & installed FTX Central 4 (orbx-central-4.0.38)

created "Main Library" (asked for during install of central) as C:\ORBX


So far, i've Started 1st product by doing an "Install" (which downloads the files) of ORBX Libraries v. 19.6.2

NOTHING went into the "Main Library" (C:\ORBX)

As before, an "ORBX" folder was created INSIDE of he FSX folder (C:\FSX\ORBX)

All subsequent installs were done "Manually" (from the E:\...\Zips\... folders of previously downloaded files)

Again, NOTHING in C:\ORBX...


I can confirm the ONLY Library in "Settings / Libraries" is the "Main Library" Location: "C:\ORBX" Size: "0 bytes"


1. Please advise if this is normal? If not, please explain what i did wrong?

2. Is there a way to MOVE the ORBX folder inside of FSX (C:\FSX\ORBX) to the "C:\ORBX" folder

3. Were the original scenery & texture of FSX touched?


Best Regards,







Operating system:  






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Thank you Nick for your kind & prompt response :)


I will do the symbolic link method.


This does, of course, raise the question as to what exactly is the "new" - FTX Central 4.0.38 / Settings / Simulator - Libraries section used for?


QUOTE: "A library allows you to easily install ORBX products outside of your simulator directory. When installing a product, you will be prompted to select which library you want to install to." 


ORBX has not asked me at any moment, during product install, to assign a library.

I was, however, asked to create the library path upon installation of FTX Central.

Am i completely missing something here?


Sorry to bother you with this.

Best Regards,



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Hello Jac,


Orbx Central is able to create and use Orbx Central Libraries for P3D v4 and X Plane 11.

Both these simulators are able to use this method, P3D v4 uses its own xml method

and X Plane 11 uses symbolic links for individual scenery products.


Using a symbolic link for FSX is a "fix", as the simulator does not natively use

the method. Of course, one could use the FSX scenery library to add scenery from

anywhere on the PC, but unless there is an ORBX folder inside the FSX root folder, Orbx Central

or indeed FTX Central cannot be used to manage the Orbx scenery.


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