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Legacy Layering?


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Just a quick question. I just noticed this when doing a clean install of FSX/SE (for nostalgia purposes). I can see it's something to do with P3D, but is there an full explanation of what it does anywhere?



Operating system:  





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Hi @Nick Cooper, I guess what I mean is the implication is that Orbx Central doesn't behave in the same way as FTX Central unless I tick it, so what is the difference in behaviour between the two? What does Orbx Central do differently?


(edited to remove possibly mis-construable (?) phrasing)

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41 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:

what it does is include the scenery added by xml file into the library order.

Sorry Nick, not trying to be obtuse here, but do you mean it will add the xml-defined scenery layers into the "scenery.cfg" file by default and Legacy Mode stops that?


I haven't used P3D much for months now (been in XP mode) and now I'm going through a migration to get everything over on to Windows 10, and I'm just trying to make sure I get it right.

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